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Driving Schools Truro

There are many driving schools in Truro but exactly who do you choose and why? Here at Darbys Driving School we are going to show you right now, how to pass the driving test first time and how you could reasonably save over £500 on getting your driving licence.

Some people hope to save £2 or so by looking for cheap driving lessons in Truro but the real money, the real savings are made when you apply a tried and tested strategy and you are going to see that right now.

The DVSA state you need 47 hours to pass your driving test, it’s an average they have worked out but it includes all different types of drivers, what we are looking for is an above average learning strategy.

Take for example 2 drivers, Clare and John, they both book 10 hours of lessons and while John takes one hour a week, Clare has 2 hour lessons and has a lesson around Every 3 to 4 days. After both have completed 10 hours of training Clare has learned so much more and that is because she is keeping up with her training.

Just like learning a guitar, it is going to take ages if you do just one hour a week. What John is also going to experience is wasted time, only 15 minutes recapping his previous lesson because he can’t remember will cost John one hour for every 4. Ove the course of 47 hours, that around 12 hours wasted on forgetting. Now put that into money terms and you are looking at £300.

But another saving can be made as well. The DVSA also state the average person needs 20 hours of private practice. But will you need private practice if you are learning to drive like Clare. No, of course not. And private practice is pricey. You can easily spend £30 a week on fuel and insurance…now do that over just 3 months and that’s a lot of cash.

Ok, so. We have shown you how to save money on passing your test. Are you happy so far? Now you are going to learn how to pass first time.
There are 7 parts to this.

1. Before the test you will have needed to have completed your driving lessons syllabus.
2. Before your test you will have passed a mock test.
3. Before your test you will be driving without my help.
4. You will be in control of the car at all times.
5. You will adhere to the Highway Code
6. You will have the attitude of a safe driver
7. You will be spotting hazards and avoiding them

That is it. That is all you need to pass your driving test and to be a safe driver.
The right thing for you to do now is to pick up the phone and give me a call.