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Triple Guarantee

Triple Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee | Pass Promise | 2yr Licence Warranty
Designed For You

We are a great driving school, but we need to prove it to you and we do that with our triple guarantee.

This is how it works and includes all the terms and conditions.

1. Money Back Guarantee.
We want to show you we are good, so if you do not like the lesson you are on we will refund you. Each lesson is 1 hour long, a 2 hour session comprises of 2 lessons. You are refunded for the lesson, taken to your drop off point and free to join another school. We want you to have confidence with joining us, knowing your money is safe with our guarantee.

2. Pass Promise.
We have the skills to help you pass first time and the terms we lay out are really important to be able to pass first time. If you keep to the terms and happen to fail we will cover the cost of your next driving test.
You will need to have passed your theory within 7 weeks of joining.
You must have 2 hours of training with the school every week.
Any weeks missed must be made up.
You will have at least 40 hours of training, the national average is 47.
All tests will be booked and taken with your instructor and their consent.
You will have passed a mock test.
You will have completed your learning to drive syllabus.
In the event of failure you will take at least 6 remedial hours of training.

As you can see this is a thorough course but we are allowing you to take fewer hours than the national minimum because we believe our training is that good.

3. 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty
The people most likely to have an accident are newly qualified drivers and we don't want that, so for two years after passing the test you can have free refresher lessons.
You must provide a road legal and fuelled car.
The appointment is at a time and location convenient to the instructor.
You are permitted to have 3 hours per year.
Unused hours do not carry over into the following year.
They are not to be used for advanced driving lessons.
You cannot sell, or swap the lessons.

The triple guarantee has 2 purposes, the first is to assure you of quality and we believe we demonstrate that on every element of the guarantee. The second purpose is to make sure you are a very safe driver.

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