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Driving Schools Redruth

Driving Schools Redruth

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Driving Schools Redruth


Are you ready to go on the most amazing journey of your life, passing your driving test? We know that once you have your full driving licence you are going to be able to do so many things, such as weekend road trips, finding a better paid job and yes no waiting for busses in the pouring rain and no need to be asking for lifts anymore!


...You have a problem, there are so many driving schools in Redruth, who are you going to trust to help you pass your driving test. Well at Darbys Driving School  we have the experience you need because we were established in 2002 and have 100s of first time passes. 

However... we also offer a lot more than just driving lessons, we are going to give you a triple guarantee PLUS if you pop over to the homepage right now, we are going to show you how to have cheap driving lessons in Redruth by saving £500 or more. 

The best thing to do is just to give us a call. Phone now.