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Driving Schools Helston

Driving Schools Helston

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Driving Schools Helston

Finding the right driving instructor in Helston can be tricky, rather an odd statement to make considering there are dozens of driving schools in Helston but the problem is how to identify the right school for you.

Here at Darbys Driving School, John Williams gives you a few insider secrets as to how to determine the right school for you.

“I have years of experience giving driving lessons in Helston and helping plenty of people get their driving licence and over the years I have noticed every learner has something in common, they simply do not know what questions to ask when they phone me for the first time. So here is a list of things you ought to consider…”

Most people, perhaps you, will ask me about my prices, my pass rate, the car I drive and the locations I cover but none of the questions get to the root of the answer you need to know, am I right for you? When you make a phone call to a driving school in Helston what you will end up doing is going on gut feeling to ascertain if this is right for you or not.

The right approach to take is this.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask to meet the driving instructor, meeting someone can change everything for you and you are going to perhaps spend 40 hours or so with this instructor, so ask if they can pop over.

2. The secret to passing the driving test, if there is one, is understanding and being able to conform to the practices of driver safety. This means you will need to be in control of the car at all times, spotting hazards and avoiding them, wanting to be a safe driver and keeping to the Highway Code. So when you ask “how are you going to teach me to drive” their answer should be about driving safely, and then you can ask what that entails; the answer should be similar to what you have just read.

The only way you will pass your driving test is by being a safe driver, nothing else will do.
So the upshot of these 2 points is this.
Are you going to be taught how to be safe.
Can the instructor define what it means to be safe.
And, what sort of feeling do you get with the instructor?

Finally, I would be delighted to take your call. I do have the expertise to help you get your driving licence and once you have passed the driving test your world will change forever. From meeting new friends, new relationships, to weekends away and better jobs, getting your driving licence is a passport to a better future. Give me a call today.

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