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Driving Schools Falmouth

Driving Schools Falmouth

We Can Help You Get Your Licence
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Driving Schools Falmouth

Just for the moment forget about driving lessons in Falmouth, you are not really here for that. What you want is to be a safe driver so you can get your driving licence and once you are on the road your life is going to be a whole world different.

Once you have your full driving licence in your hand, you literally have a licence to catapult yourself into modern living, in fact your licence is the gateway to a better social life and improved job prospects, so let me show you how you are going to start.

We are going to work backwards and rather look at the first driving lesson in Falmouth we are going to take a quick look at the driving test and the expectations of the examiner, because it is understanding and implementing these expectations into your driving that is going to get your licence.

The driving examiner is a government official, some are former driving instructors in Falmouth and Cornwall, and all are highly trained to detect faults in your driving. They need to be sure you are a safe driver, that is the bottom line, and what they are seeking is this.

You have got to be in control of the vehicle at all times.
You must be following the Highway Code.
It is essential you are able to spot hazards and avoid or eliminate them.
And you have to have the desire to be a safe driver.
Nothing less than this will do.


Right from the first lesson I am going to start to “program” you and your driving abilities to meet these standards. Everything you are going to learn from turning on the ignition and starting off to the trickier parts of driving will conform to those rules.

What you are going to get is real simple. Together, you and I, are going to turn you in a natural driver. One that is confident, skilled, prepared and have the ability to enjoy driving because you are in total control. It’s this preparation and confidence that will clearly demonstrate to any driving examiner you are indeed a safe driver and you are ready to drive without any assistance.

That is the standard you have got to be at.
There is no secret to passing the driving test, but 50% of all learners across the country will fail every day because they are not ready.

To start learning to drive and to take the steps you need to realizing your dream of driving your own car and playing your own driving music (Justin Bieber is not allowed lol) then all you need to do is pick up the phone and get in touch. Due to the success I have I get a lot of enquirers so please do phone now to check for availability.

I will be delighted to take your call, answer your questions and help you to passing your driving test.

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