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Driving Test Rescue

Has Anyone Seriously Said To You...
"This probably isn't your fault?""

The driving test rescue course is for people who keep on failing their driving test. Right now you feel real bad about driving, your chances of passing and about yourself. Your self esteem has taken a kicking and your bank balance has taken a pounding. You are at the point if driving is right for you.


It probably has not been your fault for failing.
The driving test is not that hard to pass, so if you keep getting it wrong there has to be something wrong with the training. Just like a piece of computer software or a mobile phone that won't load properly, it is not your fault, it is the programming.

The driving test rescue course is not cheap, this is not just a bunch of driving lessons but we will make an investigation to get to the root of the matter. You will see and then understand the issues before correcting them and topping up your confidence.

This is a 10 hour course, depending upon your progress it may include the 2 hours needed for your driving test. The price of the course is £325, the test fee is separate. You will start with a free telephone consultation worth £30. Phone today to find the solution you need to getting your driving licence.

Darbys Driving School was established in 2002 and has the experience you need.