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To Get Your Driving Licence
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Learning To Drive in Cornwall
Wherever you live, Camborne, Falmouth, Helston, Penzance, Redruth or Truro we can help you pass your driving test.  Today we are also going to show you how to save over £500 on your driving lessons and we are giving you a triple guarantee. There is no other driving school in Cornwall that does this...
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You Want Your Driving Licence – And My Triple Guarantee Will Get YOU There.

For some time you have been thinking about the luxury of driving your own car and what it will bring to your life. Yes of course many people wind down there window, arm on the side, listen to music and really enjoy their trip. Others want to drive because of the freedom it is going to bring to your life such as meeting more friends; going away at the weekends, not being dependent on others for lifts and better job prospects.

Whatever your reason for wanting to drive you really need to find the right driving school for you, because you want to be a safe driver, you want to have the best chance of passing first time and you do not want to be forced to have to take too many driving lessons.

Today you are going to get…

1. My Triple Guarantee
2. A list of killer questions to ask any driving instructor, that will INSTANTLY tell you if they are right for the job
3. To know how to pass first time
4. To see how you could save over £500 on learning to drive.

This comes in 3 parts, a money back guarantee; a pass promise and a 2 year driving licence warranty. In short if you do not like your lesson you will be refunded, we promise you will pass otherwise we cover the cost of your next test and because we want you to be 100% safe for 2 years after getting your licence we give you free refresher lessons.

Ok so most pupils are going to ask the same questions to a driving school, they are, how much, where are you, what is your pass rate, how many lessons will I need; and what car do you have?

The answer you seek is “are you any good?” and those questions don’t cut the mustard, so try these questions with any driving school including mine.

1. The first thing for you to know is that not all driving instructors are qualified, while there is nothing wrong with a trainee instructor, you do need to know as it is important, so ask.

2. All driving instructors receive a grade from what is called a Standards Check. I am very proud of my grade B and have worked very hard to get it. Ask the school what grade they are.

3. A driving instructor should never stop learning so whatever their grade, ask when they were last graded and what additional training have they since taken to maintain and improve their services.

4. This is not a question but an observation, have a look to see if they offer lessons for after you have passed your driving test, and any school worth their salt will, because universally instructors agree the driving test is not what it could be. It does not cover bad weather driving, night time driving or evening driving on the motorway. Therefore if the school does not offer these lessons, ask yourself why.


Every pupil would love to do this but in fact the failure rate is around 50% that number is very high but people are failing simply because they do not know what to do.

The test is all about safety and you have to understand and then demonstrate what it is to be a safe driver. What we do at Darbys Driving School is implement this into your training on day one and then on every lesson so you become a natural driver.

1. You have to be in control of the car at all times.
2. You must follow the Highway Code
3. You need to show you have the desire to be safe
4. You have got to spot hazards and avoid them

Putting those 4 steps into your training will not only help you get your driving licence but it will help turn you into a naturally safe driver and that is how you pass your test first time.


Saving money on driving lessons is not that difficult, it is a question of common sense and strategy. The DVSA state you need 47 hours of training on average. So imagine taking one hour of training a week, it is not a lot right? And you are going to forget a lot of what you learned.

So what if you need 20 minutes to go over on what you did on the previous lesson? Let's say it is just 15 minutes. It means for every 4 hours you take, you lose one hour. Now do that over 47 hours and you are losing 12 hours of training and that is around £300 wasted.


The DVSA say the average person needs 20 hours of private practice, and this isn't cheap. Insurance and fuel can set you back towards £30 a week, now multiply that over only 3 months and thats another £300 to £400 gone.

So to save money, the right thing to do is to try and take a 90 minute or a 2 hour driving lesson and have a lesson every 3 to 4 days. It's just common sense.

So give us a call today and we will help you get your driving licence

Types of Driving Lessons

I offer different types of driving lesson to suit your needs.

Beginners – this is for the total novice who has never driven before or for someone who feels they need to start right from the beginning. It is these lessons that form the foundation of your learning and giving you the ability to pass your driving test first time. You will be shown and you will learn what the driving examiner expects from you, then we will use that as a template for all of your training. This means by the time you go to the driving test you are performing to exactly how they need to see you drive.

Part Trained – You have already started to learn to drive, that may be with another driving school or perhaps with friends and family; it could be training you have taken recently or further back. In any instance you see yourself ahead of being a beginner and now is the time to crack on and get ready for your driving test. This course will save you time and money.

Confidence Building – it may come as a surprise to you but indeed many people have anxiety issues over learning to drive and it is perfectly normal. You have to remember you are a human being and as a species living on this planet for 1000s of years, driving has only been around for a few years and we simply have not evolved to accept such dangers. What you are experiencing is a healthy central nervous system and we will work with you to help you build your confidence and giving you control.

Driving Test Rescue – The test is actually not that difficult but many people repeatedly fail, however, is it really your fault? Quite seriously if you are failing time and time again then something is wrong with the training you have taken and the driving test rescue course identifies the issues, demonstrates how this has occurred and helps you put things right.
The course include a free over the phone consultation (worth £30) where you will immediately start to feel better about yourself. This course is slightly more expensive than regular lesson and due to popularity is strictly by prior appointment only.

I passed my driving test first time thanks to John and his brilliant, patient teaching skills

Rachel Innes
I never thought I would be able to drive but once I found John that all changed and he is just wonderful. Thank you so much xxx

Sarah Clifford
I highly recommend Darbys Driving School, John made me feel confident about my driving and I passed my test first time.

Sean Hawley


Giving you the best driving habits to pass your driving test right from your first lesson.

Driving Test Rescue

If you have been failing your driving test on several occasions with a different driving school it is probably not your fault...

Part Trained

If you can already drive then lets build on your current skills to get your driving licence.

Confidence Building

All learner drivers feel a little nervous and anxious from time to time and I have the perfect program for you to take control.

Weekend Lessons

Do you have a busy week? Then check my availability for weekend driving lessons. I am flexible.


Almost 15 years of experience and 100s of test passes, Im a great choice for you

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